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Burr appears to be getting ready to fly his Jet-CAT Hammer powered F/A-18.

JMRC members Rick Volpe and CORSAIR Editor Paul Eigsti enjoying a Sunday at Horno.
Randy Latimer has been seen tearing up the skies with his Goldberg Eglet since completing his flight training.

Clancy Boyd is enjoying another lazy day's flying with his O.S. 4-stroke powered Golden Oldie.

Seen here is Bill Huffman's 12 ft. span ornithopter. The wing flapping mechanism has been disabled at this point. The prop and engine are for initial flight tests.

Bill is contemplating the next modifications needed to make the big bird air worthy as indicated by the initial test runs down the runway.

Seen here is another fine day on the flightline at Camp Horno. Seen is Allen's Extra 300, Jack's Spitfire and far down the line, Dell Schwartz is seen talking to Bob Facto.

Here's President Pete preparing to take another flight on his DynaFlite
PT-19. The PT-19 is powered by an O.S. 120 Surpass.

Here's our Corsair editor Paul Eigsti enjoying a day out with his helicopter buddies.

Clancy is seen here with his Stintson getting ready to go up again.

This is Clancy's old-timer after an unfortunate run in with the bleachers. The aircraft has flown again.

Col. Thacker is seen here supervising the preparations for the initial test flight of Daren's BVM P-80.

Obviously, Col. Thacker felt Daren needed a little closer supervision.

Dan is seen here assisting with the run-up in prior to

Burr is seen here putting the F-16 through it's paces while Col. Thacker looks on.

Burr brought out his big
F-16 which he custom built using an Aero Dynamics fuselage.

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