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This is Daren Savage's BVM P-80 Shooting Star. Daren acquired the 'Star' from Col. Thacker who after several season's with the P-80 felt it was time to pass it on. Daren completely stripped the fuselage back to the bare fiberglass in preparation for painting. He then sprayed on the white base coat over the entire model using Top Flite's Jet White Lusterkote. The red markings was also sprayed on using the Missile Red Lusterkote. The stars and bars emblems are from Sig and the finishing lettering was cut using Stitka's vinyl cutter with nice results.

Wingspan... 72 inches
Length........ 72 inches
Weight....... 15 lbs. (Est.)
Engine........ BVM .91S Power Package (including fan unit and pipe)
Flies........... Great! Very fast and smooth.