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This is Daren Savage's Fokker D-VII which is modeled after Maj. Hap Arnold's "War Booty" Fokker (U.S.A.A.S. No.1) he flew while stationed at Crissy Field, near San Franciso, in late 1919.

The D-VII is a scratch built from my own design. The wing struts are all metal and are fully adjustible. The landing gear has a fully floating bungee supported axle. The tail surfaces feature pull pull cables, while the ailerons use a single servo mounted in the top wing. After I crashed the Fokker at the 1996 Scale Master's Qualifier held at Mile Square, I was able to rebuild it using about 90% of the original model.

This is the second paint scheme this airplane's had. The original finish depicted Ernst Udet's famous D-VII with it's characteristic red and white candy stripes on the top wing and red fuselage with "Lo" painted in white on the side.

Wingspan... 59 inches
Weight....... 7-1/2 lbs.
Engine........ Saito 65
Prop.......... Zinger 14x6
Flies........... Lots of fun. A real attention getter..