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This is Art Steinberg's 1/6th scale Concept Models 1930 Fleet Biplane. This is actually another Charlie built model. As Art put it, "I used to write about ARFs and for just about the same amount of money that I used to spend on an ARF, I can be flying a beauty like this."

This model is a conversion from the intended electric power, using a Saito .50 four stroke for power. Charlie did a great job on the dummy engine. He used the William Bros. 1/6 scale Pratt & Whitney cylinders and mounted them to the plastic cowl which was then painted to match the finish. This is a nice scale model that flies like a sport plame.

Wingspan... 56 inches
Weight....... 4 - 3/4 lbs.
Engine........ Saito 50 four stroke
Finish......... Monokote
Flies........... A great flying model!