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This is Col. Bob Thacker's F-15 Advanced Controls Technology for Integrated Vehicles (ACTIVE).

He modeled this F-15 after NASA's experimental test bed for various maneuverabality enhancements. Col. Thacker's model uses elevons on the horizontal tail surfaces for roll and pitch control. He has also incorporated his own design thrust vectoring. He states an overwhelming desire to perform the "Cobra Maneuver" as his reason for this feature.

His model is complete with panel lines and rivet detail as well as custom NASA designed F-15 ACTIVE logos on the rudders. The Colonel refused to tell us who's kit he started with. As he put it, "If they don't give me plans, they don't get a write up!"

Wingspan... 51 inches
Weight....... 13 lbs.
Engine........ K&B .82
Fan Unit..... 5 inch Dynamax