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This is Charlie Strange's C.A.T. (Canard Assisted Tail-less). Charlie built it from RCM plans. This was a fun airplane to fly. It feels like a jet on the ground and in the air. It was test flown on a moderately windy day, but the CAT didn't seem to notice. We did have one close call on the take off of the third flight when just the engine died after lift off.

After making an emergency down wind turn just after take off (not a good idea), the CAT was sinking fast on the verge of a deep stall when purely by accident I managed to land it in the follage of the only small tree at that end of the runway. This tree turned out to be the only thing between the CAT and the 40 foot ravine just off the northwest corner of the runway. Surprisingly the CAT suffered no damage and we later took it up for a very successful fourth flight.

Wingspan... 48 inches
Weight....... 4-1/2 lbs.
Engine........ O.S. LA40
Flies........... Easy handling airplane that is fully aerobatic!