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This is Jim (Burr) Drever's Turbine Powered F-16. Here's what Burr had to say about it.

"I started with a Top Gun Aircraft fuselage and a Century Jets retract mechanism. Then I designed and built everything else including the wheels, brakes and tires the way that I wanted to. It has a JetCat P-120 engine with 27 pounds of thrust at 120,000 RPM and weighs 32 pounds dry.

There are two fuel tanks, each holding two liters of Jet-A fuel. Two JR 549 receiver systems are used with two antennas and two batteries with redundant Oddino voltage regulators. It also incorporates proportional wheel brakes and working speed boards. All flight control surfaces are powered by micro Voltz Wing Max servos and incorporate mass balancing."

Weight....... 32 lbss. dry
Engine........ JetCat P120
Thrust........ 27 lbs. at 120,000 RPM
Flies........... Has yet to fly, still testing.