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USRA display showing various racers.

Many of the rubber powered airplanes from Dumas.

Award winning A-7 Corsair II. Detailed very nicely.

1/3 scale glider with highly detailed pilot and co-pilot.

Very nice MiG 15 painted in Polish Air Force colors.

Scratch built McDonnell XP-67. A one of a kind model.

I was told this model is built using custom fiberglass molds.

Can you believe this model didn't win ANY awards?!

A Stuka and Sukhoi SU-25 in USSR air show colors.

Sig Kadet bashed into a Fieseler Storch on floats!

1958 Corvette. Nicely detailed and painted car.

The Grave Digger monster truck and a racing Viper.

McDonnell F3H-1 Demon. Scratch built of course.

Quarter scale Avro 504K. Another nice model.

A B-25, a Byron Gee Bee R-2 and 1/3 scale Pup.

A Martin Baker MB-8. A small but well-built model.

One of many boats on display. This one is a lobster boat.

Notice the details including lobsters in the bucket!

WWII U-boat dock scene with personel and tug.

VIking war ship with functional oarsmen for propulsion.

Civil War Ironclad paddle-wheeler. Very original.

Little Toot and a Dory fisherman who rows to go.

R/C combat battleship.

10, count 'em, 10 guns!

A couple more of the R/C battleships. One in the bones.

Jon Vance's new Cap 232. Another winner, Jon.

A rare Vickers 22. Scale pilot in typical garb of the day.

The Staggerwing's business end with Robart radial.

Outstanding details. Cost is rumored to be around $40,000.

Flying wire and surface details. Top quaility throughout.

Arizona Modeler Aircrafter's booth. Nice stuff here.

This model is a Top-Gun winner for sure.

Nice huh? Engine and flow-thru radiator are works of art!

All engines, except the Mercedes, are functional.

Some of the guns they offer in various scales.

One of the models at the Superior Balsa booth.

Here we have a virtual hang glider set up.

Webmaster is getting his last minute instructions!

Going no place fast. A loop and a whaa?!

Jan Savage talks to Bob Banka about that next paint job.

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