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Electric World Championships - 2000

This is a static model of the updated Auto-plane.

Seen here is a 14 foot span ASW power glider. The power unit retracts into the fuselage.

The new Suhkoi park flyer from Hobby-Lobby. Fully aerobatic to boot!

The venerable Piper Super Cub. Note author's WB-57N Canberra in the background.

Nicely done Curtis Robin.

Very nicely detailed
P-51A (A-36). This model didn't fly, but was said to be a nice flyer.

Bristol Beaufighter. As this is an untested model, it didn't fly either.

Nicely appointed F8F Bearcat. No motor yet!

This is the dummy engine on the F8F. It appears to be a photo of a full size radial, scaled to fit and printed on a color printer.

Nicely finished Focke-Wolfe FW-190A.

Very small sport model. Possibly a pylon racer.

A Piper L-4 Grasshopper.

Scratch built DeHaviland Racer.

This EDF is a small fast Hawk from Australia. Smooth flyer.

Sport airplane with a patriotic paint scheme.

This pattern ship weighed 12 lbs., used 40 3000 MaH batteries for umph.

Third place winner in the Fun Scale; Bill from Down Under who flew one of the EDF Hawks.

Seen here is the Second Place winner, David, First Place winner Ed and Third Place winner, Bill!

Another photo of the award winners along with JMRC member Doug Cronkite who received a special thanks award for his noon-time demo.

David and Bill from Down Under were kind enough to let us share their shade at lunch time. Thanks guys!

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