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September 1999

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Dennis Teason, President.............(760) 632-6682 Art Steinberg, Editor......................(760) 726-6636
Sam Wright, Vice President..........(949) 888-8444 Harold Hall, Co-Editor....................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer........(760) 439-5354 Editor's E-Mail
Field Marshals Flight Instructors
Senior Field Marshal: Jose Tellez..(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage .................................(949) 589-7120
Field Marshal: Paul Eigsti ............(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage ..............................(949) 388-3993
Charlie Greeb ...............................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day)...(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle)......(760) 725-4604

NEXT MEETING - Tuesday 28 September at 1900 at SHARKEY’S CLUB
Be There!!!

Flight Ops Back to Normal
For two weeks during the early part of August, flight operations at Horno were temporarily suspended, due to a paperwork snafu. It appears that through an administrative oversight, renewal of our license to use the LZ facility was suspended.

Through a heroic effort, the President and Secretary/Treasurer took on the job of working day and night to have our license reinstated, and this was finally accomplished. Flight operations are back to normal now, and all members are advised that the field is open during regular flying hours on weekends and holidays. Members are reminded that it is always necessary for the first flyer arriving at the field to contact the Horno OD either in person or by telephone. Range Control (Long Rifle) must also be contacted. Their phone numbers are printed elsewhere in this issue of the newsletter in a handy form which may be cut out and placed in a wallet.

New Civilian Members Selected
On 14 September the Selection Board appointed by the club president convened to evaluate applications of prospective civilian members. Previously it had been estimated that there would be ten to fifteen openings for civilian members, but in the face of drastic reductions in the number of military members, only four of the new applications could be accepted.

Selection was based on a number of factors, including what asset each new member would represent to the club. The length of time each application was on file was not a factor in the selection process. Those applicants who were unsuccessful will be required to submit a new application if they wish to be considered at the next convening of the selection board.

The four selectees have been notified and have been advised to attend the next club meeting on 28 September, at which time they will be introduced to the members who will be asked for final approval of each applicant. After this, each approved new member will be required to show a valid AMA membership card, and the Secretary/Treasurer will then issue a 1999 membership card to each of the new members. Annual dues will not be required until memberships are renewed for the year 2000. The successful applicants are:

September Meeting Set for the 28th
The next bi-monthly JMRC meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 28th at Sharkey’s Club in the Del Mar area of Camp Pendleton. Time is set as usual for 1900. It is expected that we will have some beautiful entries in the Model of the Month contest, and plans are to have a really great selection of door prizes to be distributed to the lucky ticket holders attending. A full evening of interesting club business will be discussed, including the election of officers and the next club banquet.

Now that the club has adopted the practice of meeting every second month, it is necessary to modify the time schedule applying to the annual election of officers. Therefore, at the September meeting, the Nominating Committee appointed by the president will announce a slate of nominees recommended to the membership. Additional nominations will be entertained from the floor during the same meeting. If any additional candidates are nominated from the floor, mail ballots will be sent out to the membership in time to announce the election results at the next meeting on 23 November. Unopposed nominees will be considered unanimously elected to office.

President Challenges Charlie Strange!
In an unprecedented move, club president Dennis Teason has thrown down the gauntlet squarely at the feet of fellow member and renowned model builder, Charlie Strange. Dennis, piqued at the relative ease with which Charlie seems to walk away with Model of the Month honors time after time, has declared he intends to win the next competition at the September meeting and prove that he, and he alone is the superior builder. Dennis is so sure of victory that he has openly disclosed what airplane he is bringing to prove that Charlie is not at all invincible. He plans to show up with a 63 inch wingspan Ultimate Biplane from an Ohio RC kit. He further revealed that it is powered by a twin cylinder OS Max, and is equipped with a smoke system. Dennis was heard to utter phrases such as "I’ll blow him away!" and "He won’t even come close!" Well, it just so happens that Charlie may be preparing a surprise of his own! Don’t miss what promises to be a real shoot-out by two master builders. Plan on definitely coming to the meeting and voting for your favorite gunslinger, er, model builder, that is.

Drever Readies New Jet
Not long ago it was reported that Jim (Burr) Drever went through the disastrous experience of completely totaling his turbojet while flying a routine flight at Horno. The cause of the crash was determined to be purely pilot error, generated by a number of factors. The plane was yellow, and the pilot was wearing yellow haze cutting lenses. This combination proved to be optically unwise, as it caused the yellow color scheme to "white out" when the airplane was too far off in the distance. Unable to see the plane, a wipe-out followed. Now picture this: Sunday morning, September 12th, sunny and calm, a beautiful day, and only three flyers present at the field, Burr, your editor, and a young Marine, Dan Redig. Well only two flyers to be exact, as Burr was just taxi testing his brand new turbojet, a beautiful F-18 Hornet, painted white with dark blue trim to increase visibility, with a wet flying weight of 27 pounds. The new plane was powered by a 17 pound thrust engine, and Burr threw a couple of switches, pressed a few buttons, and holy smoke, the turbine started up all by itself! Wow! The tests went beautifully, and the initial flight at Horno should take place in a few weeks, after Burr flies it first at a remote desert location. There is every indication that this new project of Burr’s will be an outstanding performer in the hands of this highly experienced builder and flyer. We look forward to having him back at the field as our premier jet pilot!!

Chiboucas Steps Down, Telez Moves UP
Tony Chiboucas, one of the charter members of the JMRC Flyers, has been a familiar figure at the various flying sites our club has maintained over the past twenty-six years.


He has been our Chief Field Marshal for more years than any of us can remember, and was always known for the competent manner in which he performed his assigned duties of maintaining flying safety during club operations.

As CFM, he was known for his quiet, non-confrontational manner, but was known to all as the proverbial "iron fist in the velvet glove." Along with his position as CFM, he also held a place on the board of directors of the club, contributing invaluable counsel and advice derived from his many years of valuable experience as a top-notch modeler. In recent years Tony has had to curtail his flying due failing eyesight, and thus no longer visits the field as often as he used to.

He has come to the realization that he must also step down from his position as Chief Field Marshal, and it is with deep regrets and sorrow that the board of directors have accepted his resignation from this key position. Tony has our greatest respect and heartfelt thanks for so unselfishly giving of his time and effort over these many years. Now he will have more time to devote to some of his other interests, and we wish him good fortune and happiness in everything he undertakes.

In Tony’s place, the board has appointed Jose Telez as Chief Field Marshal, a choice we all feel is a very wise one. Jose has performed the duties of Field Marshal for some years now, and has shown a particularly apt ability for the job. Because of his extensive knowledge of model flying, plus his ability to deal with people politely and fairly, he will surely prove to be a worthy successor to Tony, and we all wish him the utmost success!

JMRC Unveils New Website:
The above headline contains what Internet surfers call a "website," a collection of gibberish which is your key to entry of the recently dedicated JMRC website. Now our club is prepared to enter the 21st century fully prepared to cope with the information explosion that has characterized the last decade or two of the fast fading 20th century.

Daren Savage, who doubles as one of our most dedicated flight instructors, has taken on the job of webmaster of the JMRC website, and has accomplished a most amazing feat. On his first try he has come up with a presentation which rivals any other club site on the entire internet.Granted, it is still in the formative stages, and parts are still under construction, but the overall effect is completely professional.

If ever there was a reason to enter the computer age, just being able to gain entry to our website is worth the effort. There is a great deal of information on the site already, with a lot more in the planning stage.

For example, here you can find a five day weather report pertaining to the Horno area and its environs. You can also see a copy of the latest club newsletter, and a reminder of when and where the next club meeting will take place. There is a color photo gallery of the latest airplanes built by our members, plus an in-depth article about "The First Days of Radio Control," an unbelievably detailed account of how our hobby/sport had its beginnings, and how we reached where we are today.

Actually, there are far more features than can be properly described here, so by all means, download the site and have a look for yourself. For those of you who are not "computer literate" yet, you have little excuse for being out in the cold. Mastering a computer is no more complex than the skills you have developed in building and flying RC aircraft. You can do it, so come on and join in on the fun!

Speaking of computers, most of you know that an advance copy of the CORSAIR is e-mailed out to all members who have computers and e-mail capability. It is the eventual goal of the CORSAIR staff to be able to dispense with mailing out printed copies of the newsletter, thereby saving the club a great deal of money for printing and postage, not to mention the hard work of volunteers who have to do the legwork for all this.

Almost daily we receive word from more and more members who now have e-mail capability, and they are immediately placed on the electronic mailing list. In addition to receiving an early copy of the CORSAIR, many bulletins are sent out, the latest one being the sudden closing of the flying facility and its subsequent reopening. Members with e-mail are in the know, immediately on top of everything going on pertaining to JMRC.

Some members have recently obtained computers and e-mail capability but have not notified the CORSAIR editor of their e-mail address. Those not now receiving the electronic edition of the CORSAIR should send a notification to:

Those members who have received the CORSAIR in the past, but have recently changed their e-mail addresses should immediately notify the editor of their new electronic address.

Chief Field Marshal’s Report
Lately, Horno has been quite peaceful and orderly and a pleasure to be there. With the exception of the one belligerent marine who eventually saw the light of day, everyone has been very friendly and the weekend flying has been outstanding.

We no longer seem to be battling with members trying to park on the flight line, and even the trash pickup situation seems to have improved. The flyers seem to be respecting our established field procedures and the field marshals don't seem to have too much work anymore. Maybe they should be fired and save the club their generous weekly pay.

The only problem at this time relates to the use of the frequency control box. Seems that our instructors have been saddled lately with the job of bringing it out to the flight line from its storage shed every single weekend in spite of the fact that there are already a number of active flyers on the line! Admittedly the box is a bit cumbersome to move around and some flyer may not be able to handle it; but it is questionable that all the flyers present at the time are in this category. We need to maintain frequency control anytime there is more than one member flying and our rules so establish, so we will discuss this subject during our upcoming meeting and hopefully even this problem will disappear.

For those of you who have not had a look at it yet, Jim Drever (alias Burr) has now completed his new turbine powered jet; the past couple of weekends he has

been at the field checking out the various systems prior to its initial flight testing. As usual, Burr has done an outstanding job and is leaving no stone unturned in the preliminary testing.

The new turbine is graced with an automatic start system which is activated from the transmitter and automatically runs through the startup sequence; quite impressive!

Our youngest and most active Marine flyer Dan Redig, had a misfortunate mid air which destroyed his quickie airplane; however Charlie Greeb donated a nice aerobatic airplane kit and a four stroke engine, and Art Steinberg opened his workshop to Dan so that he has now recovered and has been out testing the new plane the past two weekends.

That's what makes a club worthwhile !

In a sad note, for many years we have seen a very nice "Proctor Antic" (old timer type model) at the field owned by Bill Wiley; It met an unfortunate end last weekend. We sure hope he applies his talent to building a new one for all of us to enjoy again.

The most active flyers at Horno over the past period has been the Rodriguez father and sons group. They fly enough that we should consider charging them double! It is nice to see how they have progressed from scratch to where they are now, with the initial assistance of our able instructor staff. Lets keep it orderly, safe and friendly!
Jose Tellez, CFM

See You in Las Vegas
October is a fine month to take a trip to Las Vegas. The weather is usually excellent, mild and warm, but not too hot. Usually the winter rainy season has not yet begun in earnest, kids are back in school, and the crowds flocking to the hotels are fewer in number.

But for modelers, October is like a pilgrimage to Mecca, because it is there that two of the most outstanding RC events take place during that month.

The first is the annual QSAA gathering, which brings together the finest giant scale models in the world for three days of flying, socializing, viewing and examining new products. This event will take place on October 14th, 15th, and 16th, and will be headquartered at Sam’s Town hotel located on Boulder Highway.

Four days after the conclusion of the QSAA, the Tournament of Champions begins and continues for five days, running from October 20th through the 24th.

This is an invitational competition among the finest pattern flyers in the entire world, and is based at the Sahara hotel. For those attending, there will be frequent shuttle buses from the hotel to and from the flying field. Both of these events are also characterized by daily demonstration flights of unusually high quality.

Many modelers have a difficult time trying to choose which of these spectacular shows to attend, but the lucky ones manage to get away long enough to stay in Las Vegas for the time it takes to see them both. In any case, choose the events which appeal to you most and make your plans to be there. Members of JMRC are advised to make it a point not to miss these unbeatable happenings. See you in Las Vegas!

Do You Have a New Area Code?
A New Phone Number?

Many members have new area codes and even new phone numbers, but have not updated the club Secretary, Tommy Head with the new information. We are constantly striving to keep the club roster up to date, but cannot do this without the cooperation of all members. Please let us know of any changes. Contact any club officer or e-mail the CORSAIR editor.

Heard around Horno
The following is more than a rumor, but not yet a fact, so take it for what it’s worth. The Board of Directors would like to know that they are diligently working on obtaining an additional flying site aboard Camp Pendleton. The request is in the works, and should it be approved, we will immediately promulgate the information. Watch your CORSAIR, or better yet check your e-mail.

A new order for club jackets is being submitted, so those wanting one for the chilly flying days to come should put in a firm order at the earliest opportunity. For the jackets, payment in advance is required. The best way to do this is to attend the next meeting on 28 September. A new supply of tee shirts will soon go on sale.

Felix Alvarez demonstrated a number of workshop hints at the last meeting. For example, he demonstrated that a couple of empty tubes from rolls of toilet paper can be glued upright to a piece of wood or cardboard to hold tubes of epoxy or Ca.

Also at the last meeting, Desert Winds showed their new Ultra Hobby Knife which changes angles of the blade as needed. It holds various size blades and saw blades. The knife can’t accidentally unlock, can’t roll off the work bench, is made of aircraft aluminum in assorted anodized colors, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Cost is $19.95. Another display was their new line of turbines with thrust ratings of 12, 17 ½, and 22 pounds. Prices range from $2,595 to $2,895. They have a unique service arrangement in that turbines brought in for repair will be exchanged for a new turbine on the spot! They will also be supplying turbines with a self-starting system. The company, presently based in Arizona, is moving to San Marcos.

The first half of September has seen the flying site lightly attended, though the weather has been superb. Our Chief Field Marshal attributes this to the end of summer and getting the kids back to school. Activity is expected to pick up greatly in the coming weeks.

Model of the Month
(Click on thumbnail to see full size image)

The winner of the Model of the Month award at the July meeting will come as no surprise to any regular reader of the CORSAIR. Once again the recipient of the prized gallon of fuel was Charlie Strange.

This talented member has won the MOM award so many times that he has had to obtain a special permit from the Carlsbad fire department to store his garage full of model fuel. This time he won not because he was the only entry, but because once again he came up with a beautifully built Tsunami, constructed from a Direct Connection kit. Powered by an OS .46 with an 11 X 7 prop, it had a wingspan of 58 ½ inches, a length of 47 inches, and came out weighing five pounds on the nose.

Now that Charlie has firmly established a reputation as one of the premier builders in Southern California, he has set out to gain additional fame as an artist in the application of unique MonoKote color schemes. This time he combined white, metallic red, purple, and teal and the result was a masterpiece to delight the eye. Now he is undecided as to whether to fly this beauty (We flew it the Saturday after the meeting - Editor) or to lend it for display to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Anyway, attending a JMRC meeting is a great experience, if only to come and see Charlie’s latest effort. He has our greatest admiration and envy.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
As of the July meeting, the Secretary/Treasurer reported that the club’s present bank balance was $5,023. That amount is about the correct level of funding that he feels we should have in the bank, and he will try to maintain the club’s financial assets at approximately this level for the foreseeable future.

It was also announced that as of July our membership totaled 211 members, broken down into the following categories:
ACTIVE DUTY………………….......…90
DOD ACTIVE…………………….....…02
DOD RETIRED……………………...…02

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