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July 1999

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Dennis Teason, President.............(760) 632-6682 Art Steinberg, Editor......................(760) 726-6636
Sam Wright, Vice President..........(949) 888-8444 Harold Hall, Co-Editor....................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer........(760) 439-5354 Editor's E-Mail
SENIOR FIELD MARSHAL: Jose Tellez.(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage ............................(949) 589-7120
FIELD MARSHAL: Paul Eigsti ..............(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage .........................(949) 388-3993
Charlie Greeb ..........................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day)..........(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle)..(760) 725-4604


California's biggest RC swap meet, which for some years has been held in the parking lot of Jack Murphy Stadium (now known as Qualcom Stadium) will be held later this month at a brand new location. The swap meet will be held on Saturday, July 17th at the Inspiration Point parking lot next to the Balboa Naval Hospital in Balboa Park. Hours of operation will be from 0700 to 1100. This event has always been one of the highlights of the year, and is extremely well attended.

At the May meeting, President Dennis once again brought up the topic of a JMRC Fun Fly, an event which has been hanging fire for quite some time with nothing definitely scheduled as yet. Some results of the discussion were that members present were of a majority opinion that a date in August would probably be a good time to hold the fun fly. It does appear that majority sentiment was for limiting contestants to JMRC members, not to charge an entry fee, and for keeping the value of prizes down to a minimum. Furthermore, it was decided that the contestants will be divided into teams to promote a spirit of camaraderie. No doubt this subject will be thoroughly discussed at the forthcoming 27 July meeting and a final decision should be made at that time.

Jack Read our contest director, has outlined three events for the fun fly, starting with the Climb and Glide; in which a climb is made under maximum power, then power is cut and the airplane glides to a landing. The team with the longest total time wins the event. The second round will be the Aerobatics Timed Event in which each contestant must complete a series of assigned maneuvers, such as the balloon breaking, spins, loops, rolls and a landing. Shortest overall time wins. The last round will be the Egg Drop Event, which does not refer to a Chinese soup, but rather it involves an egg, a target and a measurement of accuracy.

The next bi-monthly JMRC meeting will be held on Tuesday July 27th at Sharkey's Club in the Del Mar area of Camp Pendleton. Time is set as usual for 1900. It is expected that we will have some beautiful entries in the MOM (Model of the Month) contest and plans are to have a really great selection of door prizes to be distributed to the lucky ticket holders attending.

The May meeting produced a small number of MOM entries; just two. But as always, the quality of the models were of the very highest standards.

Daren Savage showed up with a magnificent Steen Skybolt built from a Sig kit. Wingspan was 51 inches and length was 46 inches, but the weight was unrecorded. Powered by a Saito 80, it was propped with an APC 13x8 and was finished in 21st Century paint and Super Monokote. The model was 80% built and engineered by Del Swartz who gave it to Dan Savage, who turned it over to

his brother Daren, who completed the model. Daren is real pleased with the way it flies, calling it "Great!! Very fun!!"

Unfortunately for Daren, Charlie Strange, the perennial master builder, turned up with an airplane that just edged out the stiff competition to win the MOM award for the month. He brought an RV-4, covered in a symphony of white, green, yellow and black Super Monokote, built from a kit made by an unknown manufacturer. Power was a Saito 50GK and prop was an 11x7-1/2. With a wingspan of 55 inches, an length of 44-1/2 inches, a wing area of 555 sq. inches and a weight of 5-3/4 lbs, the wing loading came out to only 22 oz/sq. ft. Subsequently on its test flight it proved to a real performer.

Congratulations to Charlie on another well deserved win!

It has sadly come our attention that one of our longest standing charter members, Bill Barner has passed on. Your editor remembers Bill flying at Horno as far back as thirty years ago. He was a lifetime surfer and a very colorful character, especially in the way he flew. Though he never achieved a great deal of proficiency as an RC pilot, Bill was always on the flight line giving it everything he had, showing how deeply he was in love with our hobby/sport. Though he is no longer with us, we know he is smiling down at Horno whenever any of us are flying there.

Occasional mishaps at Horno just seen to be unavoidable, but a few weeks ago some of us were witnesses to a disastrous, tragic crash. This involved Bill (Burr) Drever and his beautiful turbine powered jet. Burr has always been one of the most accomplished and skillful flyers in the club, and has put on countless successful flight demonstrations with his turbojet. Unfortunately, on this day he let the airplane get a bit further away that usual, and it seems he lost sight of it, leading to a totally destroyed airplane. Burr has our sincerest sympathy and we are all confident that he will return to Horno with an even better airplane with which to wow the spectators.

It took a long time, but it looks like really decent weather has returned to our flying site. With any luck, it should last for at least the next four months, so this is the time to dust off those inactive planes and get them down to the flight line.

Our hard working Field Marshal, Jose Tellez, usually sends your editor a field report after a weekend of flying activity. One report he sent in described some things that took place at Horno over the Father's Day weekend.
It went as follows:

"Saturday afternoon was as usual windy but not too much across. Richard Verano arrived with some airplanes and associated equipment to test in preparation for the FAI competition coming up in

Sweden. As usual his flying was exceptional and a pleasure to watch, but his conversation was even more interesting.

His buddy had an airplane with a finish the like of which I never thought possible. I have never seen a piano, a competition show auto or anything with a finish like this model, it was astounding.
And, they flew it just as hard!

The remarkable thing is that the field box pertaining to this model had the same matching finish in black and deep purple.
Sorry you guys missed this.

On Sunday the population was somewhat short of usual since all fathers were probably accepting their greetings and presents!

We has an interesting show from a young coyote that I guess fell in lover with Everett's dog!

The dog went out to greet the coyote and Everett finally succeeded in calling him back; then the coyote would not leave; it came down to the runway and quite boldly near where we were, barking (not growling) and trying to get the dog to join him and totally undisturbed by the airplanes landing and taking off.

The rather big guy who flies a BIG green and orange "Robin Hood" with a big gas engine was also giving us a show doing outside spins and snaps with the big bird. ‘Twas fun and no problems.' Cheers!"

Del Swartz keeps showing up at Horno with weird medical contraptions around his neck. Seems like every time he shows up he's just had another operation of one kind or another, but he says that after his last one he is feeling darned good and expects to be able to resume normal activities before too long.

Anyway, we are all looking forward to his making a real recovery and to get back into building and flying as soon as possible.

The RC Swap Meet held on Father's Day at Discount RC Hobbies' parking lot (formerly West Coast Hobbies) was real success. Charlie Strange reduced his inventory somewhat, managing to sell five of his superb airplanes.

Your editor picked up an unknown Cessna Cardinal with a Saito .65 installed, and it flies like gangbusters! It was bought from Roy Stephens, who used to won American Hobby Supply in San Marcos, But closed up and moved to Sun City when his wife passed away.

Remember the great Father's Day swap meets we used to have in his parking lot? Anyway, it was just as much a social occasion as a buying and selling opportunity. It was also a time to meet and socialize with old friends and many JMRC members showed up to take part in the fun!

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