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November 1999

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Dennis Teason, President.............(760) 632-6682 Art Steinberg, Editor......................(760) 726-6636
Sam Wright, Vice President..........(949) 888-8444 Harold Hall, Co-Editor....................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer........(760) 439-5354 Editor's E-Mail
Field Marshals Flight Instructors
Senior Field Marshal: Jose Tellez..(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage .................................(949) 589-7120
Field Marshal: Paul Eigsti ............(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage ..............................(949) 388-3993
Charlie Greeb ...............................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day)...(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle)......(760) 725-4604

NEXT MEETING - Tuesday 23 November at 1900 at SHARKEY’S CLUB
Be There!!!

Just returned from the TOC at Las Vegas, and I can report that it was the best one yet. The weather could not have improved, the wind was non-existent and the temperatures were mild and pleasant.

The field facilities for the spectators have been improved with more bleachers and sturdier food concession tents (previous years they had been knocked down by wind).

I can not tell you who won since I had to come home a day early, at the time I left, Chip Hyde was leading the pack with Quique Somenzini (Argentina) in second place followed closely by Chris Paysant Laroux from France and Sean Mc Murtry (I believe from New Zealand). There were competitors this year also from Italy, Taiwan, Lichtenstein and Australia.

You will surely see a report in the model publications so I won’t go into details; I only can tell you that the Free Style was terrific; the usual hovering flight close to the ground has turned into a game of chicken with some of the competitors so close to the ground that they could have swatted a golf ball with their rudder!

The dominant model was the CAP 232, then came quite a few Extras, one Ultimate biplane (flown by Hyde) then one Staudacher, a couple of G-202 and one Dalotel.

On the flying, it is interesting to note the slow down lines. I timed them and found the fastest to be about four seconds and the slowest (and best) were up to seven seconds; that, made me check on the props being used and found that they mostly were using 10" pitch and as big a diameter as the engine could stand.This combination gave them a good braking disk to slow down the airplane on the vertical down lines as cited above.

As for the engines, where in past years the 3W had been almost the exclusive, this time we saw quite a few DA-150 engines (US made, probably with some European parts?).

On th radio equipment, the JR seemed to be dominant and Futaba second. Speaking of radios, I had heard the rumor that Futaba is being taken over by Great Planes (Tower) and was able to confirm this at TOC. Sure sad to see a most convenient Orange County maintenance facility disappear and head towards Illinois! Saw several JMRC friends at the meet and everyone seemed to be enjoying!
Jose Tellez

(Not wishing to leave our readers hanging in suspense, your editor consulted Buck Faure who kindly furnished the following final results of the Tournament of Champions, which he extracted from an Internet website.)

1. Quique Somenzini- 9873.647
2. Chip Hyde- 9832.114
3. Christophe Le Roux- 9504.02
4. Frazer Briggs- 9369.729
5. Sean McMurtry- 9306.603
6. Mike McConville- 8991.754
7. Kirk Gray- 8480.370

QSAA Gone With The Wind - Las Vegas
Thursday, 14 October was a bright and sunny day with warm temperatures. We gathered at Sam’s Town Hotel on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas with great expectations for a great weekend of flying fun. The first thing to be noticed was a significant reduction in the number of models on display in the parking garage which had been converted into a display area.

About twenty-five or thirty manufacturers and organizations were also present, with many hobby items being offered for sale. The atmosphere was quite pleasant, as many enthusiasts met and renewed old friendships.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny with calm winds, and the crowd all departed to the enormous alkali flats outside of Vegas where two days of flying and fun were supposed to take place. Some drove there in cars, but many of us were comfortably camped out in our RVs, and a wonderful day of flying we did have that Friday.

That afternoon at the conclusion of flying activities, the winds came up quite strongly, and those of us in RVs scurried to roll up our canopies and stow away everything that could blow away. During the night the

winds continued, and to make matters worse, just before 3:00 AM we were severely shaken up by the big earthquake. Morning dawned with even stronger winds and dust storms, making further flying impossible. We all folded our tents and left the alkali flats to remain bleak and deserted until next year. Oh, well, perhaps it will be better next time!

This issue of the CORSAIR is the most important to be published this year, because it contains the mail-in election ballot for the year 2000 slate of club officers.

Rather than hold the annual election at a club meeting with only a minority of the members present to vote, this year every member will have an opportunity to cast a ballot by mail. Every member is encouraged to vote in this election, and to insure a maximum voting turnout, the ballots are pre-stamped and addressed postcards.

This year the club is fortunate to have four outstanding candidates competing for the offices of President and Vice President, all of whom appear willing and anxious to serve. This is a far cry from the usual election, when candidates have to be persuaded and cajoled to accept a position as a club officer. Not only do we have volunteer candidates, each and every one of them has a wealth of experience and ability which can translate into fine leadership for our group.

The JMRC Flyers now stand poised to enter the new century in a strong position to continue as one of the most admired RC flying groups of its kind. Only your participation by exercising your vote can help to assure our bright future. Please vote!!!

The time has come for your newsletter editor to take a well deserved rest from the duties of meeting one deadline after another. It is a job which I have enjoyed greatly all the years that I have been getting the news out to our members, but for some time I have been searching for a competent individual to take my place and allow me to turn my attention to other pursuits.

At last a likely candidate has stepped forward and volunteered to take over the left hand seat and run the show. His name is Paul Eigsti, one of the more active members of JMRC, and presently serving as a Field Marshal.

Paul is going to need a lot of help in getting accustomed to his new job, so anyone who would like to get in touch with him to offer their services can do so via e-mail at the following address: or by phone at (949) 448-9269.

It has been the goal of your present editor to improve the quality of the newsletter, but being the product of an older generation, my limited skills in desktop publishing have been somewhat of a drawback.

However, Paul has much more talent in this regard, and it is expected that readers will see a significant improvement in the Corsair. With any luck, we hope to see much better graphics and photos included in the future. I look forward with great anticipation to his first issue, due out in January, 2000.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my hard working assistant editor, Harold Hall, who has been invaluable in publishing the Corsair. He is responsible for the entire production of the publication, from obtaining advertising, getting it printed, and seeing that it is mailed out in a timely fashion. I hope that the new editor appreciates his services and will make the most of his talents, as he has a great deal to offer.

And lastly, I would like to thank the membership for tolerating my often amateurish efforts, and being so kind as to give me an occasional pat on the back. My thanks to you all for making my job such a pleasant one.
Art Steinberg

Chief Field Marshal’s Report
The JMRC activity has been rather low at Horno over the past couple of months. We have had some Marine Corps activity occupying the Landing Zone, also a broken down helicopter over a weekend and there have been several outside model shows and contests like the Quarter Scale meet, the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas and the races at Jean, Nevada in addition to a couple of Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) contests also

during this period. The club might have saved the extravagant pay of Field Marshals since things were quite peaceful at the flying field. In addition, the weather has played a part in lowering the flying population, with some strong cross winds driving off our flyers over a couple of weekends. This past Saturday (October 30) a nasty wind developed and by 10:30 had driven out all the flyers.

The edge of the runway was left with a fair amount of trash which could in some cases have been attributed to Marines, as in the case of pop cans and bottles, but we also found paper towels with distinct nitro smell, broken props, a rather new Thermos coffee mug with still remnants of coffee within etc. all of which we can assume came from us JMRC flyers. Please be neat and pick up before you leave! (#15)

The only other request we have for our members is to always wear your badge. There are a high number of flyers who still are not displaying their membership card visibly. If we would all wear our badges it would greatly simplify the task of the Marshals by making it obvious when we have unauthorized flyers. (#12).

My feeling is that each and everyone of us should be a Marshal and see that your flight line neighbor is not forgetting to comply with one of our own regulations. This will ensure that we stay in the good graces of the Marine Corps and that we will continue to enjoy this premier flying facility in Southern California.

If you have missed the display of fine giant scale models and excellent flying for which Jon Vance is well known, it is because he has undergone a very serious eye operation and still has more to come prior to recovery of his eyesight to flying condition. We all wish Jon a total and speedy return to this hobby we all love.

If any member has a comment or suggestion for our Field Marshals, please don't hesitate to communicate with us either at the field or, our phone numbers are shown on the front of any Corsair issue; this is your club and we would like it to run the way you want !
Jose Tellez

The next meeting will be the last meeting of the year, and membership cards are now ready to be issued. For those of you who have wisely exercised foresight and already have their AMA 2000 cards in hand, you can renew your memberships at the coming 23 November meeting.

Members are advised to make every effort to attend this meeting and renew their JMRC memberships on that date, as the deadline is December 31st, and there will be no further meetings this year.

If you cannot attend, you may send your AMA card with a friend who can renew for you. Otherwise, after that date you can only renew by mail, and that will require submitting a photocopy of your AMA card to the Secretary/Treasurer, a method which is not always reliable. Civilian members are required to submit payment of $50 for the renewal, but military and DOD members are not charged.


The long awaited yearly installation banquet of the Joint Military RC Flyers Club of Camp Pendleton has been set for Saturday evening, 22 January.

Once again the location will be at the beautiful South Mesa NCO club, located near the main gate of the base. As usual, it promises to be a gala affair, one worthy of kicking off club operations in a brand new century.

This is where you will have an opportunity to listen to your new club officers, to dine in fine style, to listen to the toe tapping tunes of Richard Ramirez, and to get in on some of the outstanding door prizes to be awarded to lucky ticket holders.

In order to attend, it is absolutely necessary that a reservation be made, and this can be done by attending the next meeting and signing up in person on the official banquet roster. The second best way to make a reservation is to telephone the banquet organizer, Pete Zenquis at (760) 732-3167, or our Secretary/Treasurer at (760) 439-5354.

Don’t be left out, make your reservation as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss this one!

Model of the Month
(Click on thumbnail to see full size image)

The winner of the Model of the Month award at the September meeting and the recipient of the prized gallon of fuel was Kyle Rodriguez.

club meeting brought out a total of five entries in the Model of the Month contest, including the promised shootout between master modelers Dennis Teason and Charley Strange, who both showed a couple of flawlessly built airplanes. Also in the running was Daren Savage, with a very unusual WWI Fokker D-VII done up in U.S. markings. Tom Bernhardt gave it a shot with a nicely built Spitfire MK IV, but when the smoke finally cleared, the winner turned out to be teen aged Kyle Rodriguez, whose Four Star 60 took home the highly prized gallon of fuel.

This year the club is fortunate to have four outstanding candidates competing for the offices of President and Vice President, all of whom appear willing and anxious to serve. Below are their messages to the club.

Dave Litaker’s
Message to the Membership

My name is Dave Litaker and I want to be president of your club. (When was the last time someone actually wanted to be president?) I am an active duty Lieutenant Colonel stationed here at Camp Pendleton. As a Marine Officer stationed at the base, I have considerable clout with the organizations the club deals with and I anticipate being able to make some dramatic improvements, both in the number of flying sites we are authorized to use and the freedom to set our own guidelines for operation of these flying sites.

Believe me, I will not be shy about using my rank to benefit the club! I have been flying radio control aircraft and helicopters since I was a kid and am a past president of this club. My philosophy is that everyone joins a club to have fun and I will do everything in my power to insure that we all have fun!

Message from Vice-President Sam Wright
Last year I served as your first civilian VP for the JMRC. As the civilian VP, my understanding was that I would back up the president in his absence and assist in decisions that affect the well-being of our club. Due to my personal schedules and some issues with the board last year, I did not fulfill this position to my own expectations.

Today, and this year I will be leaving my position as Commander of the Scale Squadron for the last two years. (Our by laws limit office to a two year term) This will afford me the time I need to engage in meaningful improvement of our unique club. Improvement, in my mind, is more social RC Events and more meaningful accomplishments than "Crash of the Month".

Additionally, I intend, if you so elect me again, to offer my management experience in decisions that may impair our field (or fields) and/or our flying privileges on base. These are sacred and without them our group would dwindle as others have. Further, I will encourage the board to enact the mandatory wearing of your JMRC membership badge while on station and post it on the frequency board when flying. This same procedure is desirous of guest flyers with their valid AMA card. Once again, I look forward to your support and in return, you will receive mine without prejudice. Thank you,
Candidate for re-election as Vice-President
Sam F. Wright

Message from Jack Read,
Candidate for VP

I wish to thank the Club for the nominating me as a candidate for the position of Vice-President. If elected I would be happy to fill the duties required of the position to support the Club President, act for the president in his absence, and in particular support the club board. I already attend most all meetings and believe I can make substantial contributions to the Board meetings.

My credentials include being an active RC flyer for about fifteen years, enjoying all aspects of the hobby. I have flown pattern up through the Advance level, I fly many types of sport and large scale planes, have participated in quickie pylon racing, and I am still attempting to master helicopters. The pattern flying took me to events at fields all over southern California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana. I have also attended numerous fly-ins in these states and have had the opportunity to fly at numerous other fields across the United States during vacations and site work assignments including our national site at Muncie, IN.

I was the President of the Palomar RC Flyers for three years (93 thru 95)when the club reached a membership of about 250 at the Del Mar field. I look forward to the opportunity of bringing my experience to the Joint Military Club via the position as Vice-President and as an active Board member to continue making this the fine club we have all enjoyed and supporting improvements.


A Message From Pete Zenquis
I am Pete Zenquis, and I am a retired MGySgt (E9) with 26 years of active duty. I held the position of JMRC president for three years prior to retiring from active duty, therefore my knowledge of how the Marine Corps and Camp Pendleton operates is very extensive. I am currently employed at Camp Pendleton, and I am there on a daily basis performing technical duties.

I am knowledgeable on how the Marine Corps and Camp Pendleton operates. I keep fully abreast of base policies and regulations, I know the ins and outs, and I maintain many contacts throughout the base. I have served twice as President of JMRC within the past four years and during these years we had the use of the Horno LZ 53 facility for the benefit of all the members, both military and civilian.

I want to be President because I believe in the club and care for it and feel that I am well suited to help ensure the continued proper supervision of the necessary activities which will best assure the availability of the flying site for JMRC members for an indefinite period.

I have recently approached the base authorities with a request to allow the club to operate at a second site located to the north of Horno. At the present time the request has been denied, however this does not preclude us from trying a different approach or making additional attempts at achieving this goal.

My various connections and supporters on board the base can guide me towards achieving a more successful outcome in acquiring a second club flying site. Even though I was not an active office holder of the club, I was highly instrumental in re-establishing our license to fly at Horno when it had been allowed to expire. When two years ago there were no military candidates willing to take over the presidency, I willingly volunteered to take the job in order to keep the club running.

I belong to only one RC club, and have no allegiance or loyalty to any other club but JMRC. I therefore have an undivided, unbiased interest in any decisions made on behalf of the club, and I have attended a vast majority of the meetings as well as maintained weekly participation in all field activities, which keeps me abreast of the club’s needs and its problems.

I have also been the organizer of the yearly club banquets which have been enjoyable and successful affairs, and have already made preparations for this coming year’s banquet. I interact well with both the military and the civilian members, and have been and will continue to be available to confer with any member at any time to discuss club activities or problems.

I look forward to serving once more to the best of my abilities and to extend my full cooperation to my fellow elected officials. My intentions are completely altruistic and not for personal gain, and I will never stoop to making promises which I cannot keep. I want the club to continue to be a small and exclusive group of which our members can be proud.

If the club gets too large it will be a ponderous, unwieldy organization lacking the unique character it enjoys today. We have the use of one of the best, if not the best flying field in all southern California, and everyone from LA to San Diego would do almost anything to have the privilege and opportunity to become a JMRC member and use our field.

With the closures of so many fields throughout the north county this pressure on our club to throw open our doors to all continues to grow. As President I will make certain that only selected candidates will be admitted into our club. My record speaks for itself. You know you can count on me.

Tommy Head
Unopposed for Secretary/Treasurer
Having been one of our most outstanding club officers for a number of years, Tommy Head has agreed to run for another term as Secretary/Treasurer. This is the most difficult and most demanding task our club has to offer, and it is with great appreciation that we all greet his remaining on the job. Tommy has submitted the following comments to the membership:

I have been a member of the JMRC flyers for 10 years and next year will be my fifth year as your Treasurer. Since I am unopposed in the election it's either because no one else wants the job or it's a vote of confidence. I like to think it's the latter. I look forward to helping the club another year. You will get to vote for a President and Vice President. Please do so. You owe it to yourself and the candidates……..Tommy Head

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