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July 2001

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Bob Rodenas, President............................(760) 967-6638 Paul Eigsti, Editor............................................(949) 582-3231
Vice President................... Harold Hall, Prize Co-ordinator..........................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer....................(760) 439-5354 Editor's
Field Marshals Flight Instructors
Senior Field Marshal: Jose Tellez................(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage ....................................................(949) 589-7120
Field Marshal: Paul Eigsti ..........................(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage .................................................(949) 388-3993
P.R. Officer: Art Steinberg...........................(760) 726-6636 Charlie Greeb .................................................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day).................(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle).........................(760) 725-4604

The upcoming JMRC meeting is July 24 1900 (7:00PM) at Sharkey’s Club!

Pete Zenquis Resigns From Presidency of JMRC!!

A letter from Pete:

To all:
It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you that due to my current position and responsibilities at my place of employment that I can no longer properly perform the duties of president of the Joint Military R/C flyers club. For the past two months I have been extensively involved with projects to include personal matters which have required 99% of my free time leaving me with no time for R/C modeling.

I will be calling upon the vice president to assume the duties of president until such time when a proper election can be held. I hope that he will accept.

I have enjoyed the years that I have been president and will miss the position deeply but I am very confident that I will be leaving it in good hands. In the short time that Bob has been vice president he has preformed in an exemplarily manner and will no doubt make a fine president for the club. If he accepts the position I hope that you will provide him with the same support as you have to me.

For that past two months I have pondered over my decision to resign however, standing-by my decision. It has been fun and it is time to pass it on. I will continue to be an active member of the JMRC for model airplanes will always be part of my life and I will try to make appearances at the field and at meetings when ever time allows me to.

Resignation effective immediately.

Pedro J. Zenquis (Pete)

Bob Rodenas responded with this information...

Fellow Members,
Pete had step down as the President because of personal issues that will take a substantial amount of his time, therefore I am stepping in as President. My goal as President is to have this organization run as smooth as it did as when Pete was in office, also I appreciate all of the people have volunteered to give me a hand. One of my short term goals is to get this Mall Show underway. I think it will bring a lot new Military people increase PR and we can increase civilians population if so desired.

Lastly, I will give it my all and do the what's best for the club and its members. Also throughout the year, if anyone has any suggestions on anything, feel free to email with your suggestions. So finally, "keep those props and blades in the air". See ya all on the flight line.

(new) President Bob

In accordance with rules in the JMRC constitution, Bob Rodenas was instated as President at the board meeting on July 3, 2001. Bob Rodenas will be President until the next election. There will be no vice President in the JMRC until the next election, at the end of this year.

Pete Zenquis will be sorely missed in the presidential position. We wish Pete the best, and hopefully we will see him at the LZ soon.


Those who missed the May meeting have every reason to have great regrets over being deprived of attending a once-in-a-lifetime presentation.

Colonel Bob Thacker, one of JMRC's most illustrious members, showed a documentary film detailing some of his WWII experiences, following which he graciously fielded questions from the audience. This club owes a great deal to the Colonel, not only for his exemplary service to our country, but because decades ago he convinced certain Marine Corps authorities to permit us to conduct RC operations at the Horno flying site. Our hats are off to the Colonel.

Also taking place during the evening's proceedings at Sharkey's Club was a bang up, first class, no-charge barbecue, organized by Jack Read, who was ably assisted by Tommy Head. Jack never hesitates to volunteer to head up various club functions, and the meal he prepared was something really special, with lots and lots of trimmings. Jack, you made a difficult job look easy, and for all this you have our deepest gratitude.

-Art Steinberg

Senior Field Marshal's Report

Since our phone at the flight line was not a reliable communications system, we have for the time being simplified the opening and closing procedure at the LZ. You will find the detailed procedure elsewhere in this publication, but it is more important than ever to ensure that you properly sign in and out on our log book and as usual deploy the frequency control box.

The allocation of flight time for Helicopters versus Fixed wing aircraft is also shown elsewhere in this issue . Please read it carefully and help us make it work and evaluate it. If you have any doubts or questions, please address one of the field Marshals. After a trial period, we will once more evaluate the procedure..

Happy Flying - Jose Tellez

May Model of the Month

Bob Kennedy won the May Model of the Month award!

Bob brought two entries to the contest. He flew his Trillion (electric yard flyer) during the BBQ. The scratch built Trillion uses a Speed 280 motor pulling a APC 9X4.7 yard flyer prop. It’s wingspan is a mere 25”. Bob says that the Trillion is easy to build and a lot of fun to fly.

He also brought his Barracuda glider to display at the MOM contest. If he’d had a high-start with him, he probably would have flown it at the BBQ also!

Congratulations Bob!!

Although... I don’t know what he’s going to do with the prize... a gallon of fuel!




IMPORTANT Rule Changes and updates from the July board meeting...

Field opening procedure has been simplified by our new president. Commencing immediately, it is no longer necessary to bring the telephone from the Comex box to the pits. To open the field, call Long Rifle (and the Horno O.D. as a courtesy) from the telephone in the red box on the pole. After you complete the call, please see that the phone is properly hung up, otherwise it will eventually disconnect at Base Tel and be useless. Don't forget to make an entry in the log book and bring the frequency box to the flight line.

For the past few years we have had a rule that provides specialty aircraft the opportunity to fly solo. The JMRC Constitution reads “Specialty aircraft such as formula race planes, helicopters, jet aircraft, test flights on new aircraft, and large planes should be flown solo, at the discretion of the majority of flyers present.” At the July JMRC board meeting, an amendment was passed regarding this ruling.

Effective immediately, helicopters are NOT to be flown at LZ53 on Saturdays before 1400 hours. On Saturdays after 1400 hours, helicopters and airplanes take turns in the sky, as they have in the past. Sundays between 0800 and 1100, helicopters have priority over airplanes. Sundays after 1100, helicopters and airplanes take turns in the sky as they have in the past. On holidays, helicopters and airplanes take turns in the sky.

In recent years, the JMRC expenses have outpaced the club income. The club loses money on each meeting where we offer door prizes, The Corsair costs money to publish, the occasional BBQ is an expense, and the club spends quite a bit of money for the annual banquet. Due to the decrease in available funds, it is necessary to increase the membership dues for 2002. For 2002, civilian membership will be $75.00. Retired Military membership dues will be $20.00. Active duty Military membership remains free. Initiation dues for new civilian members will be $75.00 Once the JMRC bank account is in the black, we hope to provide more events like BBQ’s, and offer more door prizes at club meetings.

Golden State Unlimited

Giant Scale Warbird Race and Big Bird Fly-in, as well as a trade fair and swap meet.
September 27-30, 2001 at Eagle Field in Merced County, CA.

For more details, see the web site at

Phone (408) 654-9227
Fax (408) 980– 1604

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