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May 2000

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Pete Zenquis, President............................(760) 732-3167 Paul Eigsti, Editor............................................(949) 582-3231
Sam Wright, Vice President......................(949) 888-8444 Harold Hall, Co-Editor.......................................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer....................(760) 439-5354 Editor's E-Mail
Field Marshals Flight Instructors
Senior Field Marshal: Jose Tellez................(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage ....................................................(949) 589-7120
Field Marshal: Paul Eigsti ..........................(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage ..................................................(949) 388-3993
P.R. Officer: Art Steinberg...........................(760) 726-6636 Charlie Greeb ..................................................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day).................(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle).........................(760) 725-4604

NEXT MEETING - May 23 at 1900
It's back at Sharkey's. See you there!

Letter from the President...

I am very pleased with how things are going at LZ53. Everyone is being very cooperative with our new procedures in checking in and out of the field and so far no complaints from either the club members or the base authorities. The radio requirement policy is working out great and smoothly, and we have not been denied the checkout of a radio as of yet. For those who are not aware of our new procedures, we still have to check in and out with the 1st Marines OOD (in addition to checking out a radio from long rifle) prior to using the flying field. When you do check with the OOD the first question he will ask you is 'do you have a radio'. No one will be permitted to fly R/C models without a two-way means of communications between Long Rifle and LZ53.

The phone at the field is still being looked into by the base telephone officials and there is a work order in the maintenance cycle at base telephone facility. As soon as our number comes up they will repair it. The hold up is that they have to replace the cable from the phone pole to the pedestal plus other work orders in place, so we just have to wait our turn. But it is in the works so lets be patience. In the mean time we will continue with the radio checkout.

On a personal note: Just because we have to abide by the new policy does not mean that we can not continue to enjoy the LZ53 and have a good time flying. There will almost always be someone with a radio at the field. If you are not sure whether or not to drive the distance to the field in fear of no one being there with the radio, make a phone call to one of the club officers the Friday prior, in order to find out who will be there with a radio. This will save you the trouble and gas. I can almost guarantee that I will be there most Saturday mornings, besides there are enough military members that can checkout a radio from long rifle. If any one wants to volunteer for radio duty please call one of the club officers.

Currently, Pete Zenquis, Jose Tellez, and Paul Eigsti are the only club officers authorized to possess and operate a Sabre Radio on behalf of the JMRC.

-Pedro J. Zenquis (Pete)

New Members Added to JMRC Roster

At the March meeting, the following pilots were added to the club:

Paul Bageman, Harley Condra, Keith Davidson, Shaun Evans, Tom McNicholas, Adrian Quezada, Erickson Rodriguez, Michael Sieniarecki, Rolando Stinson, & Peter Tresselt.

Welcome aboard, Gentlemen!

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Phoenix R.C. Helicopter Fun Fly

This annual event was attended by over 160 pilots, not to mentions spouses, children, and family pets. It was held on March 17-19, 2000.

There was a lot of exciting helicopter flying to watch, as well as many quality pilots to converse with and exchange information.

There were several awesome scale helicopters entered in the event. This Hughes NOTAR (no tail rotor) was the first NOTAR that your editor has seen in flight. The body was painted and detailed in the “Phoenix Police” scheme.

This shot gives you an idea of the massiveness of the “tent city” at the Fun Fly. This was the main flight line…. There was another flight line behind this one, facing the opposite direction, which was a little less congested.

Many of the pilots fly “pod and boom” helicopters, like this incredible Hirobo Eagle. These types of “bodies” are lighter and much lower maintenance than the full fuselage design that can be seen on the scale helicopters.

A few vendors were at the Fun Fly, including Ron Lund with Rick’s Helicopters.

(Your Editor’s favorite source for helicopter parts)

The Editor's Corner...

Happy Spring! I hope you are getting to the flying field often, and burning a lot of fuel! This time of year provides us with a lot of “perfect flying weather”, so you’d better enjoy it while it lasts. (Before the summer heat sets in).

In the last issue of The Corsair, we had a fairly large “For Sale” section. You may notice that it’s missing from this issue. I would like to keep the “For Sale” section going, but I did not receive any entries for the May edition. When you have items that you’d like to display in The Corsair, please

send the information to me via e-mail, US Postal mail, or bring it to me at the site on Sunday mornings.

Whenever you attend a fun-fly, contest, or other R.C. related event, please feel free to write an article and submit it (with pictures if possible) to me. I’ll be more than happy to include your article in The sCorsair.

-Paul Eigsti

Model of the Month

The March JMRC meeting had a very limited supply of MOM entries. In fact, Daren Savage won easily as his was the only entry!





Here are the details of his beautiful Extra 300S.

- Great Planes 40 size Extra 300S kit.
- Saito 80 Four stroke w/ APC 13x8 propeller
- Futaba FM radio
- 58 inch wingspan, weight about 5.5-6 lbs. (I've never actually weighed it).
- Built mostly stock. Pushed the firewall back 1/2" to accommodate home design engine soft-mount.
- Covered with TopFlite Monokote
- Painted with TopFlite Lusterkote match paint.
- Graphics are Stika-cut, taken from the Aero Sport (U.S. importers of the Extra aircraft) website.
- The paint job is modeled after one of the Extras on Aero Sport's website.
- Flies as well as you would expect an Extra to.

San Diego Association of Model Clubs Meeting Info

Our Treasurer/Secretary Tommy Head attended the San Diego Model Clubs meeting recently, and brought back some exciting information for us...

There will be an Electric World Championship on Fiesta Island on Aug 2-13th and they're looking for help. They will need about 50 people per day, mostly crowd control.

The Aerospace Museum Model display will be July 15th…. a half day affair. They're looking for planes (and people).

The Association Swap Meet (former Stadium swap meet) will be July 22th in Balboa park (same place as last year - by the hospital)

The Miramar Air Show will be Oct 8th (pretty late but cooler than Aug). They're looking at having the model club fly in the morning (as before) and BETWEEN THE ACTS. They want WOW - i.e., no trainer type stuff.

Contact a Club Officer for more details.

March JMRC Meeting happenings

At the March meeting an initiation fee for new civilian members was established. New civilian members will now be required to pay a one-time initiation fee of $50.00 in addition to the annual $50.00 membership fee. The fee was brought about due to financial losses in the club this year.

There was some discussion of a Mall Show this summer, and President Pete will bring this issue up at the May meeting as well. We will provide more information on this event very soon and hopefully sign up a lot of volunteers this year!

There was a last minute change of meeting place for the March meeting. It seemed that our reservation for Sharkey’s Club had unknowingly ran out, so the meeting was held at South Mesa Chapel.

The membership at the meeting voted on our future meeting site location, and the majority chose to meet at Sharkey’s. Pete has secured our time slot at Sharkey’s Club for the meeting on May 23rd.

Field Marshal's Report

During this reporting period, we had a requirement imposed upon the club by the Base authorities which although not new, had never been enforced.

We are now required any time we are flying at LZ 53 to be in direct communication with Range Control. Fortunately, our President Pete Zenquis has an active and good relationship around the Base and was able to borrow military two way radios which allow us to comply with the above cited obligation. Three cheers for Pete !

In addition to the above, Pete has also arranged to have a phone line repaired in the near future which will bring the communication near enough to our flight line such that we will be able to arrange some

form of extension allowing any member to open and close field operations. Three more cheers for Pete !

I wish to remind all our flyers that they should set up their equipment in the“Pits” area and move up to the “flight Line” to fly, an PLEASE leave the area in between CLEAR such that vehicles delivering or retrieving equipment may transit .

Also, we remind our flyers that AMA (who carries our insurance) states that there is a line parallel to the runway (our flight line) which continues vertically and horizontally to infinity, and all flying is to be kept beyond that line.

-Jose Tellez

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