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March 2000

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Pete Zenquis, President................(760) 732-3167 Paul Eigsti, Editor.........................(949) 582-3231
Sam Wright, Vice President..........(949) 888-8444 Harold Hall, Co-Editor....................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer........(760) 439-5354 Editor's E-Mail
Field Marshals Flight Instructors
Senior Field Marshal: Jose Tellez....(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage .................................(949) 589-7120
Field Marshal: Paul Eigsti ..............(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage ..............................(949) 388-3993
P.R. Officer: Art Steinberg..............(760) 726-6636 Charlie Greeb ...............................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day)....(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle)......(760) 725-4604

NEXT MEETING - March 28 at 1900
The Meeting has been moved to South Mesa Chapel. See you there!

2000 Installation Banquet was a Success!

The January, 2000 JMRC Installation Banquet was reasonably well attended, and a fun time was had by all.

There was a disappointing number of "no shows" at the event which placed a financial burden on the club.




Several 3 day-2 night stays in Laughlin were given away, as well as the grand prize.. A trip to Costa Rica for a pilot and his favorite airplane via Lacto Airlines!

Jose Telez was the lucky winner of the trip to Costa Rica.


John Elliot,
Airtronics Rep., speaking to the group.




Dennis Treason accepts a 25cc
gas engine for serving as club President in 1999.

Art Steinberg receiving a gift for several years of dedicated service as Editor of The Corsair.


Tony Chilboucas accepts his gift at the banquet representing many, many years of service as Senior Field Marshal as well as a Flight Instructor



On 17 February, JMRC was among a number of base clubs and activities which made a presentation to representatives of most of the commands on board MCB Camp Pendleton. The actual presentation was made by President Pete Zenquis, who was assisted by Tommy Head and Art Steinberg.

About sixty attendees listened attentively to our presentation and many expressed great interest in our activity. Each command represesntative was given an information sheet with contact names and phone numbers of club officers, and a club membership application. It was most interesting to note that other clubs and activities charged fees to military personnel who wished to take part, but the JMRC made a highly distinguished impression because we offered absolutely free RC instruction and membership in our club.

Three attractive models were placed on display, a scale P-40, a scale Mustang P-51, and a typical ARF trainer. The display also included two transmitters and a buddy cord. The troops showed much enthusiasm, as evidenced by the number of questions that they asked.

Accordingly, we are looking forward to many new active duty military showing up at Horno for introductory flights and instruction. In connection with this presentation, the Scout, which is the Camp Pendleton weekly newspaper, will publish an announcement that free RC instruction is available through the JMRC Flyers.

Art Steinberg - Information Officer

Treasurer's Report
Year to Date 1/1/99 - 12/31/99

Donations 671.00
Interest Inc. 5.04
Membership Dues 950.00
Banquet 900.00
TOTAL INCOME $2,526.04

Banquet 2,516.80
Gifts 323.62

YTD TOTAL (-314.38)
BANK BALANCE (2/1/00) $4,887.17

Well, we didn't start the new millennium the way I had planned. First off, 13 civilian members failed to renew. That amounts to $650 in unrealized income. That was followed by 15 no-shows at the banquet which cost the club an additional $480 plus whatever their door prize contributions would have been. Although these losses are not devastating to the club, they sure shot to hell our new year budget. There are a number of other civilians waiting to join, so some of our losses can be recovered by allowing them in. The board will have to decide what measures will be put into place to ensure we do not sustain losses at the banquet again.

As of February 1, 2000, the Club's membership was:

Total Military ....................... 162
Civilian ................................ 57



Model of the Month

No Model of the Month this issue due to the Banquet. Check back next issue.

Field Marshal's Report

During this period, we have had a number of events which have somewhat curtailed the flying activity. A couple of occasions were caused by the Marine Corps requiring the LZ, and we have also had some rain and wind events that sent us home. We trust our newly elected management will stop doing rain dances and prevent these non flying days.

Once more we notice that our members are not wearing their JMRC current badges visibly during the flying sessions. You do not like to be reminded by the field Marshals, and we assure you that the Marshals dislike it even more having to bug you.

We also remind you that when you bring flying guests to the field, your badge will be punched once per session and per guest. The limit is four punches per year.

On Saturday Feb. 26, a relatively large contingent of flyers arrived and was preparing to fly. One of our Field Marshals and honorable instructors Daren Savage did not see JMRC badges and approached them only to find out that it was a group from the Palomar club (one of them anyway. Ed.).

They were informed that they were not permitted to fly unless they were members or guests of a member ,and were offered applications to join. They rejected the offer and left.

It seems that the Palomar field had a problem due to the heavy rains over the preceding days. Daren did a nice job handling the situation without a major confrontation, and this highlights the need to wear badges . The field became very busy that morning since it was the first good flying day after several poor flying weeks.

Our current flying period of February and March are usually our heavy cross wind months making landings a real challenge. We suggest you practice the use of your rudder which is of invaluable assistance when dealing with cross wind landings. We become too complacent with the use of the right stick only and forget we have an important control on the left. This practice may save your model from unnecessary repairs and may prevent your ending up into the pit area or our beloved bleachers on landing.

-Jose Tellez

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