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January 2000

Club Officers Corsair Staff
Pete Zenquis, President................(760) 732-3167 Paul Eigsti, Editor.........................(949) 582-3231
Sam Wright, Vice President..........(949) 888-8444 Harold Hall, Co-Editor....................(760) 757-4076
Tommy Head, Sec./Treasurer........(760) 439-5354 Editor's E-Mail
Field Marshals Flight Instructors
Senior Field Marshal: Jose Tellez....(949) 494-0403 Dan Savage .................................(949) 589-7120
Field Marshal: Paul Eigsti ..............(949) 582-3231 Daren Savage ..............................(949) 388-3993
P.R. Officer: Art Steinberg..............(760) 726-6636 Charlie Greeb ...............................(619) 483-1477
HORNO O.D. (Officer of the Day)....(760) 725-7882 RANGE CONTROL (Long Rifle)......(760) 725-4604

NEXT MEETING - Saturday 22 January at 1800 Club Banquet!!
Don't miss it! A good time is had by all!

New President In Charge!

Your new JMRC President is Pete Zenquis! Pete had taken a year off, preceded by a multi-year run as President of the JMRC. We look forward to lots of great flying and exciting meetings under Pete's guidance!

A statement from Pete:

I just want to wish the members of the JMRC Club a happy new year and new millennium, and say thanks for electing me president. I am looking forward to serving in this position once again for another term. I anticipate a great year, successful and safe flying at Camp Horno. I am will continue the effort in seeking the securing of another flying field hopefully LZ63 and am soliciting help from any one in this endeavor. I would like to thank Dennis Teason our current president for a job-well-done during his tenure and wish him the best. I also want to thank Tommy Head for the great job he did in organizing and managing this campaign.

We have a great team and together I feel that we can make JMRC club the best R/C club in all of southern California. As far as I am concerned we have the best flying field in these parts and my goal is to keep it, safe and under the umbrella of the JMRC. Cheers to all, for those who are planning to attend our annual banquet I look forward to seeing you there on the 22nd of January and for those who are not, see you at the field.

-Pete Zenquis

Incumbent Vice President remains in office!
Sam Wright has been re-elected to serve another year as Vice President of the JMRC. Flyers! Sam is well known for his fantastic job as MC at many R.C. meets across the country. He is very involved in the hobby, and we are lucky to have him as our Vice President!  

A statement from Sam :

As your new Vice President Elect, I would like to thank those that took the time to cast their vote in support of this office. As a civilian, I feel honored for the trust you have bestowed upon me. I will uphold our traditions, rules and regulations as they pertain to our operation aboard Camp Pendleton.

During this term, I have made arrangements that will provide me more time to commit to the JMFC as a club, our newsletter and attendance at our regularly scheduled meetings.

The end result of my efforts, the presidents and the rest of the board is to protect our privileges aboard base as well as provide a safe and fun environment to enjoy our hobby of radio control.

See you all at the field.

-Sam Wright

Official Election Results
Only 47% of the membership voted. The breakdown is as follows:
President :
Pete 27%
Dave 20%
Vice-President :
Sam 27%
Jack 20%

Tommy Head remains as Secretary / Treasurer

Tommy Head
is still Secretary - Treasurer of the JMRC flyers club.

He ran un-opposed for the position in 2000, and surely will provide the outstanding service which he has shown for the last several years.

Tommy is a vital part of the JMRC Board, and is critical in keeping the club running smoothly.

Treasurer's Report
Year to Date 1/1/99 - 12/31/99
Donations 1,968.00
Interest Inc. 49.92
Membership Dues 2,190.00
Other Income 850.00
Banquet 2,295.29
Door Prizes 2,468.72
Awards 274.29
Office Expenses 842.92
Training Expense 68.87

BANK BALANCE (1/1/99) $6,098.53
BANK BALANCE (12/31/99) $5,206.36
YTD TOTAL (-892.17)

The 1999 expenses were near projections but revenues were lower than expected.

At the start of 1999 we thought that by going to bi-monthly meetings we would cut our operating expenses in half which is what happened. Also, we thought there would be additional income at the monthly meetings from ticket sales. This didn't happen and, in fact, from June on, we took in less than we normally do.

In 2000, Sam Wright has agreed to print our newsletter at no charge to the club. We are projecting our year 2000 expenses at about $4000 and revenues at $4200. The club should remain financially stable.



Newsletter gets a facelift, and a new Editor

I imagine that you noticed the new appearance of The Corsair. Many changes have happened recently regarding your JMRC newsletter .I, Paul Eigsti, am the new Editor.

Sam Wright is graciously printing The Corsair gratis, at his Sir Speedy office in Irvine. I am truly grateful for Sam's assistance and publishing skills! Since I normally fly at our beautiful site on Sunday mornings, my face my not be very familiar to you if you fly at other times.

I have been involved in the Radio Control hobby for over 13 years. I started racing R.C. cars in Colorado in 1986. Soon after which, I became involved in R.C. power and sail boats.

After moving to Orange County in 1988, I took up R.C. gliders. That led me to flying power planes, which provided the ground work for my skills at flying R.C. helicopters.I have been flying helicopters for about 9 years now. My other hobby is home computers, which I enjoy tremendously. I am thoroughly enjoying the task of generating The Corsair on my PC!

I want to thank Art Steinberg for all his hard work over the years in creating the newsletter for us all. I hope I can do a worthy job of filling his shoes.

-Paul Eigsti

Introducing JMRC's newest member

At press time, the club's newest active military member is Jeremiah Wheeler. Jeremiah is an active duty marine, stationed at Camp Pendleton.

He is blessed to have quarters in Horno area, and can see the club flying site from his home! Jeremiah had been utilizing the club's trainer plane under the guidance of Dan and Daren Savage.

After only 8 weekends of flying the trainer, Jeremiah soloed!! Our club has provided Jeremiah with his only experience with R.C. models. He is currently flying a trainer plane which was given to him by a fellow JMRC club member.

Jeremiah provided the electronics, and finished the construction of the plane. He is planning a civilian career in commercial aviation after he completes his four year stay in the Marines. Jeremiah loves full size flying, and has piloted two Cessnas as well as a Bell helicopter.



The first JMRC installation banquet of the new millennium is set for Saturday January 22, at 1800 (6:00 PM).

It will be held at the Staff NCO club, as usual. If you plan to attend, but have not informed Pete of your intentions, please contact him at (760) 732-3167, before January 15th.

The menu will be similar to what was available in previous years. It will include tossed green and Caesar salads, prime rib and chicken cordon bleu, roasted baby red potatoes and fresh garden mix medley veggies. The cost to the attending members is expected to be around $20.00 per person.

The beautifully played music will be provided by Richard Martinez. Master of Ceremonies is the “never at a loss for words” Sam Wright. Awards presentation to be performed by our Secretary / Treasurer Tommy Head.

The San Diego Aerospace Museum has agreed to provide a speaker for the JMRC banquet. It should be quite a treat!

If you are not sure how to get to the Staff NCO club…. go in thru the main gate in Oceanside. At the light, turn right. Take the first left and follow it to the end. The NCO club is on the left.
Hope to see you there!

Art Steinberg takes new position!

Art Steinberg is now the Public Relations Officer of the club, a new post which was created so that he can officially send out flying bulletins and take care of public relations tasks. Art will also retain a seat on the Board of Directors.

This will provide the board with Art's expertise, while allowing Art to remain active with the club leadership in new and exciting ways!

Model of the Month
(Click on thumbnail to see full size image)
There was a good turnout at the November meeting for the Model Of the Month contest.

Charlie Strange presented his beautiful red and white “Sky Rider”. Of course, being a “Charlie” plane, it was built from plans. Eloy Marez displayed his Sig “Something Extra”, finished in a wonder combination of white and purple. Jimmy Mazurek entered 2 planes in the MOM contest. He brought a S2 kit 1/3 scale “Citabria” finished in orange and white, with a 3W-78 twin engine.

Jimmy's other entry was the prize winner! It is a Sig 1/3 scale kit “Spacewalker”. The 22 pound plane is powered by a 3W-24 engine, swinging a 20 X 8 Menz prop. This breathtaking aircraft is finished in red and black 21st century fabric.

Congratulations, Jimmy!

Field Marshal's Report

This period has been one of lots of wind and members busy with Christmas and the Millennium, which has somewhat, limited the attendance at Horno.

The principal item to be reported is that we have now complemented our Marshals staff to end up with a staff of five Marshals to keep us rolling in an orderly fashion at the field.

Our staff includes:
Jose Tellez (Chief field Marshal)
Daren Savage (Marshall and official instructor)
Paul Eigsti (Marshall and News letter editor)
Jeremiah Wheeler (Marshall & Marine)
Dan Redig (Marshall & Marine)

There have been no problems at the field, and We have only one request which is over and

beyond our rules but rather a request that will help us all at the field.

When you set your equipment up at the “pits”, it is desirable that you keep it there such that there is a CLEAR corridor between the pits and the flight line, which allows the passage of automobiles delivering or picking up equipment.

We have had several members which scatter planes and equipment from the back field to the flight line, making passage a real obstacle course!

The Marshals wish you all great flying during the coming year !

-Jose Tellez

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